1950s and high optimism

turing test


Apparently Turring has got himself famous for thinking up the acclaimed “Turring test”, which is more of a thought experiment than an actual test. It can be summed up to this: if a computer can act completely like a human, then would that prove its intelligence?

Thats’ a very valid question.  Our intelligence is a direct cause of what we do(unless it’s a reflex response), and we often attribute stupid actions to low intelligence. But would this apply to computers? I think the distinguishing line between computers and humans would be its unpredictability. Say, a computer is programmed to respond to a specific question with a specific answer. No matter how many answers are programmed into it, there is a finite amount of possibility. A human, in contrary, have nearly infinite possible answers. Of course, if more than thousands of possible responses are programmed than this method would not work..

It’s an impressive thought experiment, especially considering how Turring did this in the 1950s. Back then the computers were basically gigantic boxes of electric circuits, and there probably wasn’t any decent text output either. 60 years from then we’re barely catching up on Turring’s work .

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