Game Review #13: Why, isn’t this a realistic dream


Every day the same dream (molleindustria)

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Numerous media have pulled upon the cliche of “Our modern but so so repetitive life” and  “so boring that everything’s grey” but nothing has done a better job than this one has. Light, quick-to-play flash game Every day the same dream offers existentialist insight into our own lives, asking you if you live a life any different than what this guy does.


Look Familiar?

Look Familiar?


You’re basically thrown in the game world to proceed through an infinite loop of “same dream”s. You wake up. You wear your clothes, get out, drive your car to work, and work. Sound familiar?

Interestingly enough, the office is made up mostly with Control+C/Control+V as if to suggest that each and all of us playing this game and feeling depressed, reminded of our reality, are in fact also responsible for recreating this kind of society.

If there’s one annoyance, the player (yes, that guy in a suit) is painstakingly slow. To cross through the building’s office it takes about 30 seconds. To us gamers used to blinding-fast paced action packed content, that 30 seconds feels like forever. But that gives you a feeling of “living through” a game, pushing reality into an otherwise simple flash application.

But being stuck in a cycle doesn’t mean that you’re don’t have any freedom to explore. In fact, you’re not stuck in a cycle at all. There exists an ending, and I won’t spoil it.

2 responses to “Game Review #13: Why, isn’t this a realistic dream

  1. I remember being very casual about this game until the very end. It’s amazing how (interactive) media can create such a moment of pause.

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