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I’m currently a student from Seoul, South Korea, Daewon Foreign Language High School. Our school’s focuses are mainly on humanitarian subjects but I’ve been studying programming for myself quite a while.

Fascinated with Nintendo Games as a young child, I started learning programming and later developed an interest in virtual reality. Interest in virtual reality led to an interest in AI, as artificial entities in a virtual space would have to mimic real-life activities. After checking out quite a number of artistic indie games

I have a very broad spectrum of interest, and a large part of it is artistic. I like to draw manga-style illustrations, but I’m also interested in designing elements which led me to (try) learning web design. I’m specifically interested in East Asian patterns, clothings and design elements, and often use them in my designs.

I don’t really play any musical instrument with proficiency but I have certain interests in the field. I used to be a part of the school musical team, and spend hours testing out headphones in electronic shops. And as in design, I love listening to East Asian music and analyzing the differences between the traditional music of different countries.

Aside from my hobbies, I’m also a strong advocate of LGBT rights and atheism. You can’t really be an advocate of atheism but in the religious world we live in I feel that advocate would be an appropriate word.

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    • Back in 2003 when I was 7 I was trying to sign in to Maplestory, but all the names were taken… then the alarm suddenly rang out of nowhere, and I tried “alarmringing” in Korean and it worked. After that I realized that this name was NEVER taken in any sites at all, even in English. Yeah, so, that’s the story.

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