Game Review #4: A strategy game with trees and seeds

This is my first review of an indie game that isn’t free. One of the first indies I’ve played, this game is the most beautiful strategy game ever:

Eufloria (aka Dyson)

Downloadable Software (PC, Mac)

Eufloria title

We expect guns, bombs and extraterrestrial combat from strategy games, probably due to the influence of mega-hit Starcraft. Even other major strategy games tend to have war as its primary concept, and even so if you include defense games in the category.

But this one involves trees. Sees. And (maybe extraterrestrial?) bug-like leaves.

Just look at the title picture above. The game takes an overall pastel-tone pallet, creating a beautiful and pleasing ambience (the music contributes to it too.)

eufloria full

each stage is consisted of multiple planets, and your team(?) is represented by colors which you can choose. You can zoom in and out as you please during gameplay.

When there is a dispute going on in a certain planet, a red alarm appears, and you can zoom in there to witness the desperate battle yourself. Or else, you can simply click on a planet to see how much of your own seeds survive.

The bug-like creatures (I’ll call it leaflings) behave like a swarm, and you simply have to tell them where to go.

The gameplay is very simple: unlike most strategy games, which are filled with various units and power-ups, this game keeps any power-ups to two: the Tree, which produces more leaflings, and the Defense Tree, which releases spiky leaves to detonate enemy leaflings. While there are certainly gamers that think simple equals boring, you’ll realize as you play how complicated a game could be with such a simple system.

eufloria gameplay

Leaflings born from different planets look different, depending on their stats. Their stats are determined by their birthplace.

There’s also a even beautiful Dark Matter Mode–

eufloria antimatter

Simply stunning!

I guess the next generation of strategy might be nature-friendly, instead of nature-blasting. If you’re unwilling to pay, there is a demo for all of you to try.

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