Game Review #3: Trust no one!

Some time ago I just went across this awesome flash game, free to play:



At first glance, it seems like another flash-based platformer. What makes this game special, however, is the commentary.

“This commentary is a lie,” says the game information. This commentary, in fact, is true, because the black silouette never tells the truth. You have to do the opposite.

Ignoring the commentary and doing the opposite, if you know it before the game, seems easy to do. But in fact it’s not. You’ll find yourself struggling to ignore the text that inevitably appears on top of your screen, desperately trying to stop you from whatever you’re doing.

One interesting thing is that some people actually describe this game as being scary, although it apparently has no horror elements. The feeling that you have no one to trust–and in fact, you are alone in this game–do bring some chills as you advance through levels and as the commentator’s true intentions are revealed.

One downside to this game is its awkward controls. You’ll often find yourself jumping at the wrong moment and killing yourself. But it isn’t so much of a major detriment to reduce the fun of this game.

There are multiple endings, and you’ll have to think for a bit to reveal the true happy ending. Give it a try!

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